Haber Gold Process (HGP) 


1. Can Haber gold technolgy be used for all types of gold ore?

The newly developed HGP technology has few limitations on extracting gold from most ores including sulfide ores. However, the best way to determine whether the HGP technology will work and be economically viable with a specific ore is to have it tested in the Haber labs.

2. Can HGP replace cyanide in gold mining?

Yes, HGP can be used in lieu of cyanide in many cases.

3. What is the newly developed Recovery Process and its significance.

The Haber Gold Process (HGP) is comprised of two separate components:

The recovery process is just as important as the extraction process. With Haber's recovery system, simple equipment can be used to produce gold metal in minutes. Conventional recovery methods such as carbon towers, Merrill Crowe, or electrowinning, are not necessary.

4. Haber has analyzed numerous samples of ore from around the world. In what countries is the company interested in doing business?

In the short term, the countries listed below have potential projects that are under consideration:

5. How do mine owners determine whether or not HGP is right for them?

To determine whether Haber's technology affords an economic advantage over other processing methods for a specific ore type, Haber must test the ore in question in their laboratories. To arrange for testing, submit the Confidential Request for Testing application which is available here. As an alternative, call Haber directly in order to discuss the project.

6. On what ore types does HGP work best?

Oxides, sulfides, concentrates, and microfine gold. Note that -- depending on an ore's specific mineralization -- Haber also has processes for metals other than gold.

7. Can I buy Haber equipment or chemicals directly from the company?

Haber does not sell equipment or chemicals to anyone. Haber processes are only used under agreement with licensees or joint venture partners.