EMP™ 15 D/A*

EMP 15 D/A Instrument

The EMP 15 D/A instrument is the newest generation of the world's only operational device specifically designed to control, study and utilize chemoelectronic effects.

In addition to the purely commercial applications of the 15 D/A, both the instrument and technology driving it are of special value to researchers who want to be at the forefront of exploration into the world of subtle molecular interactions.

Ultra-Fast Separations - The newly developed EMP 15 D/A routinely delivers electrokinetic migrations of molecular species that are completed in minutes, and often, in as little as seconds. (For example, the EMP 15 D/A can carry out protein separations in as little as 15 seconds.)

High Resolution - Because EMP separations only require a few centimeters or less, diffusion and band broadening are minimal, resulting in very highly-defined zones which allow molecular types to be quickly differentiated. EMP can consistently reproduce rapid, high-resolution separations that are suitable for quantitative analysis.

Cutting-Edge - Scientists can formulate custom analytical protocols to handle the types of molecules in which they are specifically interested. (To date, EMP has been used to reliably analyze chemical species including very complex molecules - such as proteins, tannins, polypeptides, etc.)

Versatile - EMP works well with a wide range of solvents and substrates, including filter paper, thin layer, membrane and gels. It handles many types of compounds (including water insoluble organics) and does not require ionic polarity.

Cost-Effective - Reduced solvent volumes (less than two ml. per run) keep analysis and disposal expenses to a minimum.

Easy to Operate - With an efficient ergonomic design that does not require equilibration, normal setup times are a minute or less.

Full Digital Controls - The EMP 15 D/A comes with data analysis software, performance monitors, and controls to regulate interfacing between the instrument and monitor.

*Patents Pending