Ore Testing Policy and Procedure*

Haber Inc. tests ore samples for parties who -- in good faith -- are interested in a business relationship with the company should its processes prove to be more economically favorable than the offerings of conventional technologies. These tests are used to evaluate ore for compatibility with Haber processes. Testing costs $500.00 per ore sample, and is used to determine extraction speeds, recovery efficiency, and includes material assays from both before and after extraction. Results for a sample are generally available 2 to 4 weeks from when it initially arrives at the laboratory.

In order to have samples laboratory tested, interested individuals must first submit a ‘Confidential Request for Ore Testing' form (see link on left). The information provided in this form allows Haber to make a preliminary determination about the ore in question. Provided that initial criteria are satisfied, Haber then sends notification that the company agrees to test the material, and also provides a shipment identification code.

Any approved party interested in following through with the testing procedure will need to send Haber approximately 3 lbs of each characteristic sample (ground to 40-80 mesh) accompanied by an assay report. Samples must be clearly identified, contain the sender's contact information, and should be sent to the following address:

Haber Inc.
87B New Salem Street
Wakefield, MA 01880
c/o Testing Dept.

If you have any questions pertaining to ore testing protocol, call Haber's corporate office at (781) 643-2727, indicate that you have an ore testing question, and you will be appropriately directed.

*Testing is only conducted for those parties who – in good faith – are interested in seeking a business relationship with Haber should the company's processes prove to be more economically favorable than conventional technologies. Testing is carried out in order to determine whether there are economic and / or environmental advantages that would result from using any of the Haber proprietary processes on the submitted ore. If test results are favorable, Haber subsequently conducts a business evaluation based on information submitted in a Project Information Form ( provided whenever test results are favorable). This evaluation allows Haber to determine whether a potential project meets its business criteria. Appropriate discussions follow on a case to case basis.