Latest Press Releases

April 22, 2013

Haber enters into MOU for AZ processing plant

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Corporate Updates

February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014 Aladdin system ready for wet run before delivery........................... November 14, 2013 Company enters into Joint Venture with Oppenheimer Enterprises to develop EMP protocols

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July 12, 2011

To view the Suriname video demonstrating the Haber green technology.

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Corporate Objectives

  1. The Company will work to introduce environmentally friendly minerals extraction technologies into areas where existing methodologies present a hazard to the ecosystem and indigenous people. Haber will implement their technologies in a socially responsible manner, making sure that all affected people -- regardless of socio/political status -- are given a fair wage, and that more employment opportunities are added to the regions.
  2. The Company intends to extend its technology base, and at the same time, seek out other technologies deemed to provide an advantage to the bottom line.
  3. The Company's basic strategy is to advance short term opportunities by generating revenues in the metals recovery industry; namely, in the areas of minerals and e-scrap.
  4. In order to increase its asset base, the Company intends to search for joint venture partners who have participation in mineral concessions, and are interested in having Haber provide processing capabilities.
  5. The Company will strive to develop mining methods such that the full and unique capabilities of its products can be creatively employed. For example, in certain limited situations, in situ mining allows our fast and environmentally friendly lixiviants to be used without having to move hard rock. Instead, the process calls for drilling, cracking and filling the holes with lixiavant, and then pumping out the pregnant solution in order to create gold wells. With this technique, native material can be depleted of its gold value but nevertheless remain in place.
  6. A primary goal of the Company is to help eliminate the use of mercury by over 20 million artisanal miners globally. At the core of the Company's STAMP program, is an initiative to pay miners more for their concentrate than what they are able to redeem when using mercury. This program relies on the high efficiency offerings of the Haber Gold Process (HGP). There is no incentive to use mercury when an alternative method can provide higher returns. A program can that create revenue for the Company and its investors while providing social and ecological benefits exemplifies the sort of managerial philosophy driving all of our projects.
  7. Company efforts to enhance and expand Electromolecular Propulsion (EMP) will be ongoing.
  8. The Company will explore and pursue outside technologies that compliment our own, or that fall within our sphere of proprietary-based expertise.
  9. The Company shall pursue governmental agency grants and funding in order to advance its ideas and technologies.
  10. The Company will look to increase its employee base in the areas of field operations, research, commercial production, and technical capabilities.
  11. The Company intends to enter into agreements that promote the development of large scale operations.