Business Relationships Overview

Haber Inc. is currently in the process of emerging from developmental stage technologies to commercial enterprises in the fields of Electromolecular Propulsion (EMP) and hydrometallurgical extraction. Given the scope and breadth of our core technologies and endeavors, there are a significant number of opportunities, for either private investors or corporate entities -- to develop partnerships with the company under a variety of possible business structures.

Haber is also looking to enter into either joint ventures or mineral rights agreements with holders of gold ore deposits. With ventures or agreements of this type, Haber would provide the technical expertise and proprietary processing technology needed to extract a number of both precious and non-precious minerals. Please keep in mind that Haber only provides processing technology under agreement and does not sell any equipment or chemicals.

Our immediate focus is in the areas of gold recovery from ores in small, medium, and large scale mining operations, as well as in e-scrap. If you are interested in having the company test your ore with Haber processes -- in order to compare against conventional methods -- you are invited to fill out the 'Confidential Request for Ore Testing' form that is available below. (Please note that testing costs $500.00 per ore sample.) If the ore being tested satisfies initial technical criteria, we would be pleased to demonstrate the significant advantages that our technology can offer and talk further about a possible joint venture.

For more information, or to discuss the details of a specific project, please contact Haber, Inc. at 781-643-2727.